Color line up  Balance Bike + Pedal System = Kids Sports Bike

A “Step-Bike” mechanism leads your child to learn to ride with no hassle. (patent pending)  You can transform Balance Bike into a 12”kids sports bike with an easy attachable “Pedal System”.

STEP1 Balance bike  Saddle height + 14.63”(average inseam  of 3yrs old)  No pedals!  Front caliper brake & Rear coaster brake Sturdy steel frame  Air tires for speeding along in your driveway.  Attach the Pedal System  STEP2 Transforms into a Light-weight sports bike!  18.14”height saddle For an average 6 years old  Front reflector  Rear reflector  Easy assembly Pedal System Only 16.5lb! One of the lightest 12”kids bike! ※ Japan model has front caliper brake and rear band brake.

Full range safety equipment Front and rear brakes Bell Front and rear reflectors Full chain cover Light-weight sports bike frame With brakes! Front & rear brakes for added stopping power. I can get up by myself! Henshin bike is half the weight of a normal kids bike. Your child will be able to control the bike easily. Not just only the gear, but a safe ride is the most important thing!

Compare a bike with training wheels vs. Henshin bike

Kid's bike 26.5lb~39.7lb  Clatter clatter  When you take off the training wheels…  Brrrrr  I'm scared without my training wheels!  Henshin bike 16.5lb (W/pedals)  Wheeee  After attaching the pedal system  Vrummmm  Since you are using the same bike you can ride in 30mins!

study  Henshin bike is designed with perfect weight and height for kids to learn bike riding easily.  The light-weight frame allows kids to control easily, the fitted height leads to have their feet on the ground which helps them enjoy riding without fear and hassle training!

The secret to riding a bike without training wheels is…

Point1 Frame height made for the average inseam ( 14.8 inch ) of a 3yrs old  The frame is made to fit a 3yrs old who just started to ride a bike.  A balance bike with air tires for a smooth ride which allows you child to ride freely.  Point2 16.5lb, one of the lightest 12” kids bike, it allows girls pedal easily.   Kids cannnot pedal by just making the height of the saddle low. Henshin bike is half the weight of an average kid's bike so that allows girls and smaller kids pedal easily.  Point3 Same frame as the balance bike converts into a normal kid's bike.  No fear towards pedals and chain since it is their same bike that they used as a balance bike.

Wow! 40 out of 84 kids learned how to ride a bike in 30 mins!  Konomi Kids Campus, Osaka, Japan May 2013  STEP1  Easy to ride around the circle  Kids get excited at shallow hills!  STEP2  Place your foot on the pedals  First, hold the handle and concentrate on pedaling  STEP3  Let’s try! Kids feel secure when you support their back  After several tries, Wow! There you go! Everyone is excited when they ride by themselves!

Let us help you to change your child’s bike debut into a memorable event for your family.  This is Mikio Watanabe of Vitamin I Factory. Maybe you have heard of our name with the “Ripstik”.  We have introduced the Ripstik to Japan in 2008, and convinced kids who were addicted to computer games to go out and have fun.  Not just only being a “toy”, we have researched on the effect of the Ripstik to the physical and mental growth to the child.  Our research has been introduced at a TV program operated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.  As a second step, we are starting to spread the “new way of learning how to ride a bike” As we have come up with the 3 step “how to ride the Ripstik” allowing kids who are “not athletic” to ride easily.  Now we have produced a “3 step how to ride ”with the Henshin bike.  The Fun experience of  learning how to balance leads to kids to learn how to ride the bike in 30 min.  All your bad memories on learning how to ride a bike will become good memories with the Henshin bike. We have received many happy voices from parents who’s kids mastered how to ride a bike.  Vitamin i Factory  President, Mikio Watanabe